Connected, intelligent transportation systems, active buildings, and smart power grids. Home-based health care, wireless manufacturing and positioning systems that work anywhere and everywhere. At the ACCESS Centre, we’re finding ways to facilitate communication between people, systems and machines. A holistic approach helps us to achieve results with broad applicability. Through networked systems we’re laying a foundation for a more sustainable society, less stressful life and a more responsible future.

Project team

ACCESS - Autonomic Complex Communication nEtworks, Signals and Systems - has enabled KTH to bring together 160 researchers from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics in order to carry out long-term interdisciplinary research and joint PhD education on complex networked communication systems. Prof. Hjalmarsson is one of the 17 original founding faculty of the center.

Project funding and duration

This is a Linnaeus Center funded by the Swedish Research Council with duration 2007–2019.

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Håkan Hjalmarsson
Professor of Signal Processing

My research interests cover system identification, process modeling and control, and communication network