The ultimate aim of this project is to facilitate the use of optimization based feedback control in Swedish process industry, in particular in paper mills, by developing a platform for Economical Model Predictive Control. Integration of optimization and feedback control represents the next major step in process automation and opens up new possibilities for optimizing economical objectives, such as energy and raw material consumption, but also increased flexibility. A very competent consortium has been assembled to meet this challenge. ABB is world leading provider of automation solutions, having a market share of 40% in the Swedish pulp and paper industry. With installations (and service) in all Swedish paper mills, they possess unique process knowledge. BillerudKorsnäs is leading provider of renewable packaging material. The Department of Automatic Control, KTH, is one of the leading groups in data-driven modeling for control, and has long experience in process control.

Project team

The project team consists of researchers from the Division of Decision and Control Systems, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science KTH, researchers from ABB Corporate Research and personnell from Billerud-Orsnäs.

Division of Decision and Control Systems KTH

Project funding and duration

This is project is funded by VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency, VINNOVA, with duration 2014-2018.

Håkan Hjalmarsson
Professor of Signal Processing

My research interests cover system identification, process modeling and control, and communication network