Identification and Modeling - Limitations and Networks

Networked systems pervade many of todays technologies such as the Internet, power distribution grids and process manufacturing. While this important area is currently receiving ample attention in many research communities, not so much attention has been devoted from modeling and, especially, identification perspectives. Since models that capture the essential characteristics of a system generally form the backbone for analysis and synthesis, this is a shortcoming that risk to impair the developments in the field.

The main objective with this proposal is twofold:

  1. To continue our effort to develop an accurate model for window/acknowledgment based congestion control and to analyze its implications on the possibilities and limitations of this control paradigm.

  2. To analyze fundamental limitations of system identification, with emphasis on locally identified networked system models.

Project team

Project funding and duration

This project is funded by the Swedish Research Council with duration 2008–2010.

Håkan Hjalmarsson
Professor of Signal Processing

My research interests cover system identification, process modeling and control, and communication network